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Simba reversing into a smaller rival, who have raised money, and are cutting costs. It's more about the 2 firms "survival" in what has become a saturated, highly competitive market place!Advantage lies with Eve, when next trading update in 4 weeks. Yes agreed, when you put it like that, I'm sure Eve and Simba have nothing to fear from the C. Even if products, warranties and delivery are similar I'm not convinced about the paragraphs regarding the competition watchdog.If that's 7am we get an hour before trading begins again, or news arrives after the market closes and we get a night to mull things over?

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It's been quite a ride and hardly worth it to simply break-even. Apparently, optimists live longer, even if they lose money on EVE; 'After decades of research, a new study links optimism and prolonged life. But please read the RNS very carefully and don't be fooled by the false "Positive" Eve will undoubtedly try and portray regarding the Merger like they did for the last RNS Trading update, lots of people here where fooled by Eve and thought it was "excellent news" that losses had been reduced by 50%, and said "20p here we come etc..." but FAILED to notice the much more important points in the RNS that Group Revenues where -8% down from last year and that Cash Burn still very High (from 16m cash to 12.5m in just 3 months!! That's why the SP shot up to 10p for a few minutes during last RNS Update, but then slid back to an all time low of 5p!

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Eve and Simba could face similar scrutiny under current competition rules.

“There is significant overlap, with similar features in their hybrid mattresses, trial periods, warranties and delivery.

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