21 dating questions

You think if you stay close with them, there’s a chance they’ll start to miss you, because you think they’ll never find anyone better than you. You very rarely break-up with someone first, when you have no one else around that you could potentially move on to. [Read: 15 reasons why being single for a time can be fun too] #10 You always move quickly. Instead you’re almost always the first one to say ‘I love you’ or taking them on tropical holidays after a couple of weeks and talking about taking them to meet your family after the first date.

#5 You can’t remember the last time you were single.You hate the idea of having no one interested in being with you. Once you’ve found yourself at the tail end of a breakup, you feel pretty hurt and gloomy, but once you find someone new you automatically start to feel better.It doesn’t take you very long to move on once you find that your new beau gives you that emotional and mental boost you needed after the breakup.[Read: Learn how to be single after a long relationship] #2 You crave affection.You’re not the type to roll over after sex and just go to sleep.

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