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For example, here is a picture from the new 23andme of some of the DNA I share with Dick, a 2nd cousin on Dad’s paternal side so blue, and John, a 2nd cousin on Dad’s maternal side so red.I share a third again as much DNA with John as I do with Dick, even excluding the 14 c M on the X.Conversely, he inherited less DNA shared with Dick’s mother from his other grandparents.On the left is a comparison of my first cousin Henry with both Dick and John.Click here for the ISOGG wiki article on Autosomal DNA statistics which usually includes the current chart from Blaine Bettinger’s shared centimorgan DNA project.Personally I have his chart (shown below, click it for a larger version) bookmarked for easy reference. Warning, DNA testing will show a smaller number of matching c Ms and larger number of segments due to their algorithm which removes population specific segments.The expected amount for a 2nd cousin is 3.125% which is 212.50 c M, right in the middle between these two.Checking my brother, I see the same effect – he has 282 c M with John versus 185 with Dick.

She didn’t recommend doing a release at his age because of the difficulty of getting him to do stretches.Last but not least here is my data collection form which you can fill out right from this blog post (use the slider on the right to scroll down it to answer all questions). The therapists are very professional and to the point. My kids love visiting and playing there, we need one in our area " -Beauty Couture Salon "From impeccably clean location to sweet and welcoming staff, our visit to TOTville was really great. " -Irene Androshchuk "Jessica and her staff were wonderful and helped my baby immensely .The DNA adoption site has a relationship calculator that can help figure out closer relationships discussed in the article at Roberta’s blog called Autosomal DNA matching is not cut and dried due to the randomness of DNA inheritance and is even more confusing if you are from an endogamous population because your parents will likely share some DNA due to ancestral cousin marriages. There is a function on the GEDmatch site that lets you check if the parents of a specific kit are related because they have passed along matching DNA segments.I have sometimes found that someone predicted to be a 3rd/4th cousin based on total c Ms is much more distant.

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