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Codependent relationships are not exclusive to people who are seeing each other.If they voice an opinion and their partner disagrees, they'll clam up immediately."Their distaste for conflict is so great that they resist or avoid speaking about what's important to them in order to maintain harmony in a relationship," says Dr.Because the codependency is not recognized, couples tend to push through thinking that the situation is supposed to be that way.[Read: 7 signs that your relationship isn’t as good as you thought] Sooner or later, they start to develop resentment, disappointment and intense depression when the enabler fails to provide and the dependent person fails to thrive.Most people who become codependent have been in unfulfilling situations like a dysfunctional family, a deteriorating career or a past bad relationship.It’s termed codependent because both people contribute to the unhealthy situation.Having someone shape their whole life around you and cater to your every whim might sound great, at least in theory, but codependent relationships get unhealthy fast.Because they failed to achieve some level of accomplishment or achievement in maintaining these past relationships and situations, they become emotional, clingy and dependent.They start to feel that only their partner can fill in the void left by their negative past experiences.

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