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Raven owns a clothing business and Adam works in real estate, something that may entice Raven to relocate to Dallas.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight if she’s thought about moving to Texas, Raven said, “I’m considering it.

Adam Levine is the type of rock artist who will just inspire any model to show off their skills and give the best on any red carpet.

Well, it’s been almost five years now that they are together and the couple has been still dating each other with the same love and passion for each other according to some sources.

It was not that much of a split as they could not live much long without the other.

Now they are just planning for a complete family which will be possible now that there is a kid coming.

Although she didn’t leave Mexico with a flashy diamond ring, she scored a great relationship with Adam Gottschalk.

And one month after the finale, the couple is still going strong.

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