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at the café, on the street, at the shopping mall and thought “I’d love to meet her” but had NO IDEA what to say?

Or maybe you were worried about sounding “creepy” or getting rejected in front of everyone and feeling embarrassed in public?

I have been featured on TV news programs (Today Tonight), Zoo Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, and Triple M radio station.

In 2011, I was invited to lecture at the University of Southern Californiawhere I taught a class of 58 students my confidence and dating secrets.

What if you could meet attractive women while grabbing a coffee, picking up lunch, traveling to work, or even walking down the street?

As you’re about to see, this is completely possible.

Never accept behavior from an attractive woman that you wouldn’t ordinarily accept from a not-so-attractive woman.

Talk to you soon, Your friend Alex Coulson If you would like to find out more on this topic we discuss these techniques in greater detail and emphasis in the Street Dating Revealed Program.

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They know what it must be like to walk through the world as a hot maniquen doll and have guys dote on you and buy you anything you want.

And if you do get a party girls phone number, she probably won’t remember you the next day, as club girls often give their number out to many guys in a night.

What if you could meet women in normal, everyday situations?

You can’t learn about body language, voice tonality, facial expressions from reading something.

You’ve got to SEE a successful pickup happen, right before your eyes, if you’re going to really understand how you can do it too!

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