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She tied the knot to Barack Obama's personal chef, Sam Kass, and the former president was present with his entire family. The famous author is married to former president Obama's chef Sam Kass.What is the story behind the anchor's love story with the famous chef? Sam has been cooking for the Obama family since the 2000s.

With the growing popularity from campaigns and career initiations, she got the fame of a celebrity involved in the social and cultural welfare of the society and the world.It appears that MSNBC's Alex Wagner, who had been quietly dating White House chef Sam Kass for about a year until the Washington Post blew their cover in August, is quietly announcing to her audience that she's getting hitched. The couple have dated for several years and are expected to marry sometime later in 2014. Her skillful interpretation of the news issues and the analysis of the political circumstances are well received and appreciated by the mass and he media industry.she has a dazzling personality with outspoken communicational skills and captivates the audience with her performance and presentation. Her mother belonging from Burma and her father had the German-Irish decency, yet she holds an American nationality.

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