Allocentric egocentric updating spatial memories

Thus, the first primary challenge we will consider is exactly how and in what manner an allocentric representation manifests during behavior and to what extent it operates exclusively, or most often, in the presence of egocentric representation.

Subsequent research has often focused on one specific brain area in particular, the hippocampus, in housing the neural machinery underlying the cognitive map. Active control of locomotion facilitates nonvisual navigation.

Such decisions on where things are in space with respect to one another and the actual location of the individual, however, do not necessarily depend on an allocentric representation. Allocentric and egocentric updating of spatial memories.

For example, we could also remember, based on our past experience, that our goal is present 50 and 30° to the right of our current position, which would be an egocentric form of spatial judgment (Figures 1A, B; see also Wolbers and Wiener, 2014).

While there is overall broad consensus regarding the involvement of the hippocampus in allocentric memory, there is significantly less consensus across both empirical and theoretical studies, particularly in humans, regarding the primary (i.e., necessary) role of the hippocampus to all forms of allocentric memory.

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While navigating, we become familiar with the environment and acquire knowledge about it, thereby extracting information from it and storing this information in our memory so that we can recall it later for a variety of purposes. We then attempt to define a network-based model of spatial navigation addressing some of these potential short-comings. Hippocampal lesions disrupt navigation based on cognitive maps but not heading vectors. doi: 10.1038/23941 Pubmed Abstract | Pubmed Full Text | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Philbeck, J. Before we begin our discussion, it is helpful to define and clarify some of the basic assumptions and ideas we will be working with throughout. According to this model, an allocentric representation does not emerge from the computations of a single brain region (i.e., hippocampus) nor is it readily decomposable into additive computations performed by separate brain regions. Visually perceived location is an invariant in the control of action. Instead, an allocentric representation emerges from computations partially shared across numerous interacting brain regions.

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