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It should be noted that, for all his aggressiveness towards suspects who were clearly innocent and beyond his reach, Andy is by no means a bigot- quite unlike his predecessor, Sheriff Bud Dearborne.

He has never exhibited Bud's blatant prejudice towards Shape-Shifters, vampires or werewolves and has taken great efforts to take down the anti-Super group the Obamas.

Without asking her to keep the secret, Andy admitted that neither Jason nor Eggs had been fully aware of their actions, tearfully expressing his regret at being unable to save Egg's life.

In season Three, he is shown to be a much better cop.However, the deaths of three of his daughters at the hands of Jessica (unintentionally) caused him to develop a deep feeling of anger for vampires; he arms his house against them and acts paranoid and hostile when encountering them.Even so, he does not commit violence or hate crimes against vampires, and most of his measures were meant to protect his daughter.Andy was the local detective who investigated a rash of murders.He was convinced that Jason Stackhouse was the killer, even going as far as to accuse him of killing his own grandmother.

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