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She attends an adult dating mixer under the pretense that she is older than she really is. See full summary » Director: Ryuichi Hiroki Kishimoto An is a high school student who loves Japanese archery, which is also known as Kyudo. See full summary » Director: Takehiko Shinjo Momo Adachi is a female high school student.

She has been practicing since her beginning at junior high school and is quite good. See full summary » Director: Takeshi Furusawa Suzume Yosano's parents have decided to move to Bangladesh when her father's job gets transferred there. She appears to be a wild girl due to her tan skin and dyed hair, but she is a actually naive and sweet student. See full summary » Director: Kôji Shintoku Nobuyuki found a review website of his favorite book.

Yu met her hubby through his comedic group mate Yamazaki Shizuo as the two ladies were friends since 2006 working on a movie together, and Shizuo popped up at the wedding press conference with red boxing gloves to talk some smack to Ryota for stealing her best friend.

One day after work, she finds a man, named Itsuki, collapsed outside her house. Itsuki teaches her about cooking and plants, but holds many secrets.

I can't believe that an angel like Aoi Yu "Suzuko Sato" of One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman could be so mean "Kasumi Shiina" in Ao to Shiro de Mizuiro. Maybe it is the make up or HD, but did not notice it in the drama until this year.

It would be nice if she came to Hollywood in a leading role but, Hollywood is too cut throat and might ruin her. She's absolutely adorable and also a great actress who only seems to get better and better for every movie she's participating in. I really and really admired to be like Aoi-chan...because she's very talented,really AMAZING!!!

In 1999, at the age of 14, Yui made her stage debut as Polly in the musical production "Annie." During the audition process for "Annie," Yu Aoi was chosen over 10,000 other contestants for the role of Polly.Uchi and aoi yuu's chemistry in osen is awesome, the only his female co-acted that look good with him.Yu Aoi, born in Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka on August 17th, 1985, is a popular Japanese actress & model.Yu Aoi's major breathrough in acting came with her first starring role in 2004's "Hana and Alice." This would also be her second time working with director Shunji Iwai.In the film, Yu Aoi was able to demonstrate not only her talents in acting, but also her skills in ballet.

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