Are ed westwick and jessica szohr dating

When they do, the actress usually responds with a friendly, "I get that." (Slightly tougher to take are the clueless types who say she resembles a certain TV star—only "cuter." Because, really, she wonders, "what is that supposed to mean?") A little confusion, though, is understandable: When the 24-year-old turns up for her interview at a très chic West Village gastro-pub, she's swaddled in sweaters."It can be a little awkward," she admits, "when all of a sudden [you have feelings for] someone you'd call to talk about a different boyfriend.But there wasn't a lot of thinking and talking. We had fun together, and we were like, ' All right, let's see where this goes.'"So far, it's going somewhere good.

Blake and Leighton trying to freeze each other out and Jessica Szohr rubbing it right in Ed’s face about her new boyfriend.She came into the fame after appearing in the role as Vanessa Abrams on "Gossip Girl." Szohr was included in "100 Most Beautiful People in the World" list in People's Magazine.It made her stay in the timeline, and now people are keen to know about her dating life. After Jessica Szohr's break up with her longtime boyfriend Ed Westwick, people grew their interest to know about her future relationship.Her fans constantly follow and try to update themselves about her present affairs.Even though Szohr has never made any headlines about her relationship, she openly shared numerous photos on her Instagram.

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