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For those new to broadcasting, but who are familiar with analog from home video technology, chances are they are familiar with RCA cables.

This was three cables: one yellow, one red and one white.

[Pictured: Canon VIXIA series] Pros: Short for Serial Digital Interface, SDI first came on the scene in 1989 for digital video interfaces.

It became a popular solution for live presentations, and has some notable advantages like locking cables and the ability to run longer wiring compared to HDMI.

Plus, some might be confused about capture cards, like why or when do they need them as part of their overall workflow.

Later SDI “generations” abandoned this approach and went with a number system that include 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI and more.

Furthermore, cameras will come in different zoom ranges.

For example, the Canon XA10 has an optical zoom of x10, while a Canon XA35 has an optical zoom of x20.

In terms of ease of use, USB cameras have an inherent advantage over other types of live streaming.

They don’t need capture cards, and can easily plug directly into a computer, which can be running a software based encoder.

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