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With the inception of new technologies, there’s always new terminology to master. Web pages can include text, video, sound, animations, graphics, and even chunks of "code" from a variety of technologies.

An subroutine to set up database-driven drop-down menus just once within each user's session, making the online experience smoother, and making our application more scalable.

The complete list of current HTML control classes and their associated tags is given in Table 4.1.

These HTML control classes are all contained within the Because HTML controls are processed on the server side by the ASP. When users click the button, we’ll simply display their responses in their browsers.

CSS is a powerful tool for Web developers because it gives us the power to create one set of styles in a single sheet, and apply those styles to all the pages in our Website.

All the pages then use the same fonts, colors, and sizes for the same sections, giving the site a consistent feel throughout.

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I've already mentioned the first, and usually the best, which is an external file: External File By placing your style rules in an external style sheet, you can link this one file to any Web pages where you want those tag, but the principle remains the same for the other tags.

Now that you have a basic understanding of some of the fundamental concepts behind CSS, let's look at the different types of styles that can be used within our ASP. There are many different types of properties that you can modify using style sheets.

The language aims to provide the degree of control, flexibility, and pizzazz that modern Web designers seek.

It's a standard that's widely supported by all the popular browsers, in its oldest version (CSS1) at the very least.

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