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She’s a real nutcase In some other cases, you will encounter women who are real pain in the a… You want to witness any sign that indicates that the woman thinks she’s worthless.No Mister Nice Guy With nutcases don’t do the basic mistake of being too nice to them!If such a woman complains that she has a fat ass agree with her! Especially abusive types are not able to understand things like “Morals”. Play a bad guy whose moves she cannot see in advance.Forget morals, forget supporting those kind of women. But play a even worse bad guy than she’s being a bad woman. A guy whom she will not be able to put in the box of any frame.As a masculine man, you don’t want to force women to make decisions (outside a business or work environment that is). Not only is it a responsibility but it’s actually a gift, your gift as a man.

And lack of integrity is a huge turn-off for women. Does it rely on having money and materialistic possessions? If you haven’t watched the movie Don Juan de Marco with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando, then watch it and make sure not to miss the opening scene in the restaurant.” You actually can use this as a conversation starter by asking women their opinion on this very topic.What are the common answers we generally get by asking this question? The fact that a women misbehave with you once does not mean she’s an abusive type. I wrote on several occasions that as a man you have to be able to demonstrate leadership abilities on a constant basis with women. If she’s not too much of a serious case, and if you’re quite experienced, you can have fun with her.Indeed there are some cases when you meet a woman and you could say she’s nice in general but from time to time she seems to get a little bit cranky to say the least. And when you slip away from your masculine core, that’s when a woman will start to boss you around as a way of re-implementing polarity in your relationship. In all cases, I strongly advise not to go into relationships with this kind of women. Because if she’s pathologically bad, and if you want to share your life with her, you will have surrender to the fact that she will never give you the chance of being nice to her without attempting to cut your balls when you do that.

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