Astro dating

As an earth sign, she is very down to earth and ready to be unwavering in her attempts at love with you.She has this incredible ambition but with that comes the downside of her hard-headed and stubborn nature.Gemini is known to be the fun loving, easy going and free spirited sign.They are always ready for an adventure and willing to try out anything at least once.

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She is the type of woman who will buy something when she can't afford, thinking about the consequences later.The great thing about her hardworking nature is it doesn't just apply to her work life, it applies to her relationships too.If she's interested in you, she will put in the work in order to make the relationship flourish as well as make you feel like the most important person in her life.She gets bored pretty easily which could make her incredibly inconsistent and hard to settle down with.Gemini quickly changes their minds because they are so flexible in their lifestyles.

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