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In a traditional auction the price of the goods starts low and rises as rival bidders increase the amount they are willing to pay for something.Eventually a highest bid price is reached above which no-one is willing to pay more.

There is only one way to bring in goods for your fundraising auction And that is to ask!

For instance using an auction to sell off the cakes from a baking competition or the vegetables from an allotment show. The first person to bid wins the auction and buys the goods at that price. Bidders want the lowest price possible but delaying to long can risk losing out to a rival. A list is attached to the item and those interested write their name and bid on the list.

Should someone else then be interested they would then add their name and increase the bid.

Common promises offered are; he list really is endless. If you have a business such as hairdressing, massage, reflexology offering an auction freebie can also be a great way to market your services to a wide audience and gain new customers.

The growth of the web and increased use of the internet has seen a big increase in online charity auctions as more and more non profit organisations take their fundraising online.

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