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Displacement is the key to allowing something so large to travel so fast on the water.

Centuries ago, engineers figured out that a ship can remain afloat by displacing the water it's immersed in.

According to CNBC news, this luxury liner can reach 29 knots.

As a result, she gets her passengers to their destinations much quicker than other cruise ships, which translates to a few more hours or guests to enjoy at port.

While most cruise ship passengers don't give much thought to mechanical operations of the ship, knowing some basics sheds new light on the massive technology which allows these floating cities to operate.Here are some of the top cruise lines catering to single travelers. Holland America Line Holland America's Koningsdam has a dozen cabins for single travelers.Additionally, if solo travelers would prefer a roommate, they can take advantage of the Single Partners Program, where they're matched with a same-sex single to share a double.They cruised at this speed using only seven of the nine total engines, allowing for maintenance of the others. Considering these modern average speeds, it's a wonder how fast the Queen Elizabeth 2 traveled.The ship used one gallon of fuel to propel itself a mere 50 feet. A note about fuel consumption, in the world of cruise ships, mileage isn't measured in miles, but in feet.

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