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So when she asked me straight to my face, "How did you meet your husband? " I thought she was asking how old I was when I met him, because I was 18 and a half then.I was very upset, because I knew they would make a huge deal about this, even though we had girls at the semifinals that had even bigger [age] differences between them and their boyfriend.But when I got my i Pod back one day, I remembered Dionne sitting next to me, and I showed her the pictures of my husband and my baby, and I showed them to Cassandra.Cassandra was my best friend, so she knew everything about my life, and I knew everything about hers, so there was no mystery about it.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.That's why I felt like they were a little bit jealous or a little bit didn't like me as a person. Natasha: I remember one of the first Jael-and-Renee arguments, when Jael was also positive, genuinely positive, and a lot of people who know her know that she's really positive and funny and outgoing and has thousands of friends. The girls also seemed very critical and suspicious of your marriage. The reason I didn't have photos [of him and our daughter] is that I brought an i Pod with me and it had a couple of hundred photos of me, my husband, my baby and other It's sad that they would think you were fake just because you were nice and upbeat. I just don't understand that being nice is being fake. But [the producers took our] i Pods away, so I didn't have anything.She was the most beautiful girl, and the judges kept telling her that.So [when they criticized my first shoot as they had with hers], I just blurted that out because I was like, "Oh, my god, I know! But I think [the girls' issues with me might have been] because I'm from a different culture and that I think differently maybe.

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