Berscheid physical attractiveness dating forth 1 dating

Otherwise only models and beauty pageant winners will be involved in relationship.

Therefore, physical attractiveness is influenced by each person’s own perception, preference and satisfaction.

For an instance, when a person enters a room, others would first comment on his or her looks.

In a book written by Berscheid and Walster, they have stated that, physically attractive men and women are more active and preferred in dating activities.

Many couples fall in love under a term called love at first sight.

People don’t know a person or their personality when they fall in love.

Physically attractiveness involves in impression formation and attractive people are believed to posses higher socializing traits.

This causes attractive individuals to engage in dating activities more.

According to Murstein (1972), physical attractiveness is one of the other main factors that play an important part in influencing people when it comes to choosing their spouse.Physical attractiveness depends on individual’s preference. Intimate relationship can be defined as affectionate, kind, and sense of protectiveness.Few articles were evaluated, to find the connection between physical attractiveness and intimate relationship.Intimate relationship can be defined as close relationship condition compiles affectionate, sense of protected, honest, seductive, steamy, romantic, kind and more (Fletcher, Simpson, Thomas and Giles, 1999).Physical attractiveness associates in intimate relationship due to many factors.

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