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That means if they fit with a current client, then they are introduced.

I like to compare it to food -- let’s say a woman is really great, but not what a man is looking for right now, even though she’s fabulous.

Fees: ,500 for coaching; ,000 for matchmaking.

One-time fees for six months including a minimum of six introductions.

I think a lot of people base judgement on a nano second of seeing a photo.

I try to have a diverse group of friends and people who influence me.

Fees: ,000-0,000 up front with Janis; ,000-0,000 with Carly. "First we have men fill out an application on the homepage so we don’t have to ask them 1,000 questions on the phone. Then we set up a phone call and try to weed out the riff-raff. Every day we are having breakfast, lunch, or dinner with potential clients.

It’s basically a date with him to hear what he’s looking for and to see if he’s realistic.

We check his manners, is he drinking, is he on his phone, does he make eye contact, how does he treat the waiter?

If we like them and if we stick to their expectations, we put them in the right program." "Women are part of a database.

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