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When you leave your place every morning and get onto your bike, it doesn’t care if you’re blond or brunette, if you climb mountains, if you’ve taken a picture next to a tiger, or if you showed up to your morning commute wearing leggings.It respects and values you for showing up, and maybe pumping its tires every once in a while.By renting you get to stop along the way whenever you want – there’s nothing wrongs with taking a few detours.Or even when you’re staying home, renting a bike means you can try out a new, more challenging activity with a different model.When you finally find one you really like and decide to commit? You want to take your new bike everywhere to show everyone how awesome it is.

It gives us so many options and introduces us to people we may never have met otherwise. With that in mind, we’ve outlined a list of Why Biking is Better Than Tinder, because worst comes to worst, at least you’ll always have your bike.Perhaps you’d like to take a ride and your own bike is all the way at home across the city.If you don’t have a bike, renting one is a good way to satisfy your bike craving without the commitment.It requires regular maintenance and may just get a little moody if you haven’t paid it enough attention lately.However, if you’re good to your bike, it shouldn’t require much in the way of daily funds.

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