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Cam stepped into the stall and shut the door, and as soon as he did Tyrell pulled me up from the floor. His eyes studied my face, his hand still stroking his cock slowly.

All the waiting, all the fantasizing, all the nights of watching interracial porn with Cam. I felt like my whole life had been leading up to this in a way. If not, just say the safe word and I'm outta here." Cam still sat silently.

All I knew in that moment was that I needed that cock in me. I adjusted my dress, wiped the cum from my chin and smiled softly.

I needed Tyrell to bury that huge rod deep inside me until I came screaming again and again. I want her to be happy, after all." Cam said, stepping out of the stall and putting a hand on my shoulder. "Just come and watch, then maybe you'll understand." I said, stroking that huge cock and kneading it in my hands.

I watched the diamond shimmering in the fluorescents as lightning bolts of orgasmic pleasure crackled through my whole body. Tyrell was pure energy, slamming into me fast and steady, showing no signs of slowing. " I half-moaned, half-screamed as another impossibly intense orgasm surged through me.

Every thrust seemed to transfer that energy directly into me.

His green eyes were wide with excitement and locked on me. " He asked, sliding the broad head up and down, teasing me cruelly. Then he looked up at Tyrell and stared at him for what felt like forever to me. Thanks." Lindsay said sternly, shooting me a judgemental look.

"Yes sir." Cam said, his hand still on his twitching little dick. I can't work if I have to see you doing that." Cam commanded. "Get in the stall, or I'll leave." Tyrell said sternly. I knew what was coming next, it was finally happening. "This is about you two, if this is what you want, I'm happy to oblige.

I grunted as he turned me towards the stall, bent me at the waist and pressed my face against the door. "Cam, I'm not going to fuck her unless you ask me too." Tyrell said in a serious, compassionate voice, the same one from before.

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