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Lisa tries to find another job, giving a screen test interviewing Anthrax for MTV. James begins his search for a wife using business tactics, starting with a list of 36 women. Guest stars Anthrax, and Natalia Nogulich as Melanie Sanders. James buys sports cars for everyone on the staff except for Matthew, who gets tapes.Bill thinks that the Santa Claus down in the lobby is stalking him. Recurring characters Tone Lōc as Lorenzo, and Toby Huss as Junior.Guest stars George Lindsey as himself, David Clennon as the Judge, and Glenn Walker Harris Jr. Matthew's "identical twin" brother Andrew arrives for a visit. Joe, Dave, and Beth deal with the noisy environmentalists who've moved in upstairs; Lisa covers the Easter Egg hunt at the White House; Bill and Catherine argue over Bill's sponsorship by Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor. An argument over a traffic ticket gets Bill committed to a mental hospital. All of Vicki Lewis's scenes were shot separate from primary production because she was away filming Mouse Hunt. Guest stars Jerry Seinfeld as himself, Bobbie Brown as Irene, Gregg Daniel as Kevin Sparks, Mark Fite as Waiter.She is completely absent from the following episode, "Sleeping", for the same reason. James' lawyer shows Dave and Lisa a video tape wherein Mr. Dave faces the wrath of the staff when he makes several disparaging comments about them in a magazine article.

Neither Joe Rogan nor Khandi Alexander appear in the pilot.The staff unwittingly confide in Dave their expectations for their annual bonus, not knowing that Jimmy has delegated the task to Dave.During this episode pastries humorously keep appearing on Bill's desk.Ray Romano was originally slated to play the "Electrician" character, but both Romano and the show's producers mutually agreed that he was not a good fit for the show.Dave and Lisa's disagreement over how to respond to an on-air gaffe by Matthew leads to a romantic encounter and the start of a secret office relationship. This is the first appearance of Joe Rogan as Joe and Khandi Alexander as Catherine.

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