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(To understand why it is a sin for a Christian to choose to marry someone she knows is not born again, see Choosing a Partner.) This was such a hard thing to deal with. Now that Ive repented, and got this sorted out with God, I thought, surely things will improve? So I did, because I knew from past experience that he would.

I think this meant that he viewed me the same way as he viewed the car; as his possession to be available 24 hours a day. It would have helped me if I could have read Grantley Morris webpage When Marital Relations Become a Moral Dilemma But there was no information of that quality around.As the emotional gap between us grew wider and wider, I shook my fist at God because so many times I only conformed to my husbands unjust demands on me because I had promised, before God, to obey him.So every time I was angry with my husband, I was also angry with God.And people like me who had deliberately chosen to marry outside of the will of God, were regarded and treated as carnal, worldly, second-class Christians.No matter how true that was where I was concerned, I cannot remember ONE speaker or writer offering a word of comfort. Even now my stomach turns at the thought of the sweet smiling faces on the back covers.

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