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When you’re experiencing early signs of mania, have someone else hold onto your checks and cards, Johnson said.

If you do overspend, return your purchases, she said.

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For instance, if you feel groggy, your doctor might suggest taking your medication in the evening, she said.

Although there's no easy solution, these tips may help. Read information from reputable web sites, books, and articles that explain the condition. Someone with bipolar disorder may still have valid points. Your love one needs to take their bipolar medication and get regular checkups or counseling. They may not be able to see it as clearly as you do when their bipolar symptoms are active. When you see the warning signs of mania or depression, you can try to make sure they get help ASAP. People who are depressed often pull away from others. The person will still need medicine and counseling, but look for everyday things, like exercise and a healthy diet, that supports their overall health. Since your loved one's behavior can have a huge effect on you, it’s OK to discuss.

So encourage your friend or loved one to get out and do things he or she enjoys. Don’t blame the other person or list all of his mistakes.

And even if you can’t prevent symptoms, you can minimize and manage them.

One way to monitor changes is to keep a mood chart, Van Dijk said.

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