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Fortification of expressed breast milk (EBM) can minimise these deficiencies in preterm infants When fortification is required, an aseptic technique must be used when handling the EBM (GOSH 2014b)(Rationale 4).

The first step to improve nutritional intake should be to slowly increase the volume of EBM given (Rationale 5).

Reference 4: GOSH (2014b) Clinical Guideline: Expressing and handling breast milk.

Our United States personals section is divided by states. The United Kingdom and Canada forums are single forums that will also be divided up into more specific areas as needed.Check the following: Reference 1: Boyd CA, Quigley MA, Brocklehurst P (2007) Formula versus donor breast milk for feeding preterm or low birth weight infants. Reference 2: Edmond K, Bahl R (2007) Optimal Feeding of Low-birth Weight Infants: Technical Review. Reference 3: GOSH (2014a) Clinical Guideline: Enteral nutrition for the preterm infant.London, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust.The content of the guideline below may not reflect the most recent evidence based practice. The World Health Organisation (2007) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life.It is recognised that the health of preterm babies benefits greatly from the ingestion of their mothers' breastmilk due to a number of factors including the presence of active enzymes that enhance the maturation of the underdeveloped gut, anti-infective properties which protect the newborn from infection and earlier tolerance of full enteral feeding (Boyd et al 2007).

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