Bungie net service record not updating

The entire front page is nothing but HUGE images of a weapon/person or location that when you click on them give you a line of text explaining what it is.Seriously, the shallowness and the blandness of D2 is perfectly summed up by the website.A lot of flashy stuff, with literally no depth made by people who had to create something, but didn't know what to do with it. Despite the fact that I still think that absolutely should have been INGAME, it did provide a massive library to browse on the website. I used to read the grimoire on the train to work or see how many enemies I killed, etc. I hardly read it now because if I’m in the game I’m actually playing, not reading.

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At this point I'm assuming they're developing D3 in what their image of D2 was supposed to be, and they just put D2 together as quickly as possible from the old D1 tech in order to meet their launch window.

But thank God I can load up and see a random pic of some helmet!

It's even worse when you think about the Halo 3 days of

They still had this ability in D1, as for the first round of Trials, they released a heatmap for the entire community that played. D1 Weapon Useage (as a spider web chart)D1 Details Included K/D on each map D2 Details Includes average kill distance.

Now if I could just combine all of this into one tool...

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