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In any case its the best for converting NEF files, Adobe ACR is very close but not quite there. On it's own terms, however, and considering it's free, I have no complaints. The cropping utility doesn't have a "center" button to rubber-band the cropped area to the middle of the frame.

There should be a little clickable icon [ X ] next to the "flip portrait/landscape" [ L ] patch.

Nikon's solution was for me to use an older version with an older version of i OS.

Oh well, I really don't expect Nikon to fix their problems. Application Specific Information:*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ' NSInternal Inconsistency Exception', reason: ' Invalid parameter not satisfying: cg Image !

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Not in every aspect, but for some very important ones. I used to be the biggest Windows fan, then OS/2 fan, then Mac won me over (after stints in Next Step and Be OS).And I did not experience any bugs or freezing in my (so-far) limited testing. Also, u can download an older View NX2 but u can not install it anymore on Mac OS X! I also use software from Affinity, Adobe, Corel, Dx O, On1, ACDsee, Topaz, and many other developers without any OS-related issues.I was stupid to "update" and remove my trusty View NX2... Update: just downloaded a fresh View NX-I -- it still crashes. Because Windows has some major deficiencies when it comes to workflow for many of us.The downloads are easy to find and with no registration or jumping through hoops. Intuitive, fast, full featured, and stable NEF editor.At long last an update to hopefully mitigate all the crashes and other glitches in the software - as if it was not enough being so slow. It won't do everything that software-X does, it won't do what it does in the same way as software-X.

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