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There are 20 scripted series already picked up for next season by the other broadcast networks.

ABC is the only net this year that has not given a single early renewal.

The president of WB Peter Roth said in the entirety of his career he has never seen an actor do this without telling anyone he was considering it.

For 24-year-old Mc Dermott, currently a supporting player on The Middle, Super Clyde represents an opportunity to lead his own show, which is hard to pass up.

Now that Axl is in college they really haven't figured out what to do with his character so I can understand the actor wanting to move on. If you don't want an actor to leave then renew his contract. If you're not gonna do that, you should be prepared to face the consequences.The original pilots for comedies were scrapped, with the second ones going to series.The network’s reworked Jim Gaffigan pilot last year also was picked up to series — by TV Land.While the assumption is that one of the most underappreciated comedy performers on TV and a reliable Wednesday 8 PM anchor, would be picked up for a seventh season, for a studio like WBTV, which is not affiliated with the network, it is not an easy decision to sign rich new actor contracts without a license fee deal in place with the network.Last season, WBTV negotiated a new deal with CBS for actors in limbo, sitting on the sidelines with no deals for next season while pilot season is going on where performers with series experience are at a premium and highly sought after.

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