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Please note that I am not addressing the question of whether the deuterocanon should or should not be included in Scripture.I am simply pointing out that based on the writings of many respected Church Fathers and early Christian writers, the deuterocanon was generally considered to be part of Scripture, with varying degrees of acceptance (e.g.I have not bothered to go through the rest of these in detail.Of these, however, his quote from John Chrysostom (c 349-407) is especially was included in the Old Testament, but at a different level from the "Hebrew" Scriptures).It's standing even among Jews can be called into question, as copies of Sirach and Tobit were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls (as was a copy of 1 Enoch).These are a few examples of the discrepancies between the Bibles used by Christians in antiquity, all serving to illustrate that the number of books included was by no means stable.

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The first is from Josephus and the second is from Melito.After them, we also have Origen and Jerome, amongst others, who agree with the 39 books only as inspired. JOSEPHUS The usefulness of Josephus is not only because he outlines what Protestants use, but also because he tells us why there was a difference in the books written after Artaxerxes; that is, there was no valid prophetic line.Artaxerxes figures into the 70 weeks of Daniel, suggesting completed, though not fulfilled, prophecy, until Messiah.In the book, , regarding the deuterocanon, Alexander makes the claim "that these books were not received as canonical by the Christian Fathers, but were expressly declared to be apocryphal".As evidence of this, he appeals to the authority of several Church Fathers and early Christian writers. For example: Alexander goes on to look for support in some other patristic sources.

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