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SCC is an increasingly attractive choice for optimizing site manpower (through reduction of labor and possibly skill level), lowering noise levels, and allowing for a safer working environment.SCC allows easier pumping (even from bottom up), flows into complex shapes, transitions through inaccessible spots, and minimizes voids around embedded items to produce a high degree of homogeneity and uniformity.

In order to have best results, the diameter of the tube shall be small enough so it can be inserted in between reinforcing bars.The vibrator should be inserted vertically into the mix, and then slowly withdrawn.Vibrators work by allowing air to float up and out of the concrete, so the tip should not be withdrawn faster than the air can move upward, about 3 inches per second.If needed, low dosages of viscosity modifier can eliminate unwanted bleeding and segregation.Since its inception in the 1980s, the use of SCC has grown tremendously.

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