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California Senate Bill number 132 is good for males who "identify as women", but it is detrimental to females prison workers, as well as female prisoners and does nothing to address "transgender men" or women who "identify as men", in men's prisons.Female correction officers may be forced to search males.

A man, with typical male anatomy, who "identifies as a woman", is entitled to be searched by an officer whose "gender identity" is female, if the incarcerated requests it.

Would it be possible for an incarcerated female to be searched by a male prison worker, possessing male anatomy, who "identifies as female"?

Women may be forced to share a prison cell or prison shower with a fully endowed male who identifies "as a woman".

Are we going to wait for a woman to get assaulted before we pay attention to the fact that women are giving up their rights to sex-segregated spaces, be they prisons or restrooms, for the sake of men who think they are women?

Bill number 132 tramples the rights of the most vunerable women in society, the imprisoned female population.

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