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It should also be noted that these servers are all in the same rack, connected by gigabit connections and that the inserts to the databases are minimal (Avg. The current method is very flakey: The data is currently being replicated (SQL Server Transactional Replication) from each of the 12 servers to a database on another server (yes, 12 different employee tables from 12 different servers into a single employee table on a different server). Depending on how many tables you're dealing with it might be easier to set up some SSIS ETL packages that move the data from each of the tables.

You can use sp_readerrorlog that is an undocumented stored procedure to view SQL Server error logs. For example, to view the current log file, execute the sp_readerrorlog as follow: Now that we understand the purpose of SQL Server logs, let's begin with our solution.Double-click the task and configure properties in the "General" page of the task as follows: SET NOCOUNT ON; SET DATEFORMAT MDY; DECLARE @Load ID [int] ,@File Number [tinyint] ,@Error Log Size [bigint] ,@Extract Date [datetime] ,@SQLServer [nvarchar](128) IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM [tempdb].[sys].[objects] WHERE [name] = 'ERROR_LOG' AND [type] IN (N'U')) BEGIN CREATE TABLE [tempdb].[dbo].[ERROR_LOG] ([Server] [nvarchar](128) NULL ,[Log Date] [datetime] NULL ,[Process Info] [varchar](50) NULL ,[Text] [nvarchar](4000) NULL) END ELSE BEGIN TRUNCATE TABLE [tempdb].[dbo].[ERROR_LOG] END IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#Error Logs') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #Error Logs CREATE TABLE #Error Logs ([Archive Number] [int] ,[Date Last Changed] [datetime] NOT NULL ,[Log File Size In Bytes] [bigint]) -- Reading the error logs files details INSERT INTO #Error Logs EXEC [master]..[xp_enumerrorlogs] -- Assigning values to variables SELECT @File Number = [Archive Number] ,@Error Log Size = [Log File Size In Bytes] FROM #Error Logs WHERE [Archive Number] = 0 -- Set extract date for 1 day SET @Extract Date = DATEADD(dd, -1, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) IF (@Error Log Size Add a "Data Flow Task" inside the For Each loop container and rename it to "Process Error Log".Connect the "Data Flow Task" with the "Get SQL Server Error Log".In this tip, I'll show you how we can consolidate error log entries from multiple servers into a central location, and then report on them from central location.Before we talk about our custom solution for consolidating SQL error log, I will first state the purpose of SQL Server error log and show different ways for viewing it on SQL Server.

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