Consolidating itunes libraries mac Cam chat3d

Case 1: Move your i Tunes media to a new computer with the same operating system. Navigate to the "Edit" in the main menu and choose an "Prefences" option from drop-down list.

And switch to "Advanced" option and find i Tunes Media folder location.

Thanks to i Tunes 7is feature, you can add music and videos to i Tunes even when your music library hard drive isnit available.

Just copy sub folders from your Music folder on one computer to the corresponding folder path on the other computer.

For Win 7, the i Tunes 11 Music folder's default path is C:\...\...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.

So, yes you'll have extra files still in the original folders which once you are happy the consolidation has worked you'll be in a position to delete. (i.e Tracks are moved to the i Tunes folders, but I have no idea where the originals came from.) 3.

If I can do this manually, would I simply drag the existing folders in the i Tunes folder, and relaunch i Tunes? Does i Tunes build its library based on the Location preference found under the Advance tab?

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