Courtney thorne smith dating dating a renaissance man

Courtney Thorne-Smith was born on November 8, 1967 in San Francisco, California, USA as Courtney Thorne Smith.She is an actress, known for According to Jim (2001), Ally Mc Beal (1997) and Summer School (1987). People would stop me everywhere and say, “my husband is just like Jim,” which makes me laugh so hard. PW: Unlike movie stars who play a character for a truncated amount of time, you’ve sometimes played these women for eight years — when it’s over, do you miss them? Jim [Belushi] is my neighbor so I see him all the time — I don’t feel that separation as much.But I would love to do something for the 20th Anniversary. I would love to see everybody – that’s what I miss.Courtney: If it’s NY or LA, it’s usually “Melrose Place,” sometimes “Ally Mc Beal” – I think I’m more connected to “Melrose” because “Ally” was all about Calista [Flockhart].In the mid-west, it’s “According to Jim.” I could have walked through NY or LA without being recognized when those shows were on the air, but if I had a stop over in the mid-west, I was a rockstar. I still want a proper “Melrose” reunion, or an “Ally” reunion.” [laughs] “And here’s mommy making out with another guy, and another, and another.” He does not need to know that.

Courtney Thorne-Smith is as much a part of my childhood as Lucky Charms, Osh Kosh B’gosh and King Friday thanks to, first, “Summer School” and later, “Melrose Place.” A show that, in retrospect, my parents were incredibly irresponsible to let me watch.He’s just a sweet guy – although he messes up so badly, so often [laughs].PW: As someone who has worked on many successful TV shows, what do you think the secret to their success is?Courtney Thorne-Smith: It’s amazing – the writing is so smart and it’s just a joy to work this show with these guys, who are just so talented.I finally shot some scenes alone with Charlie [Sheen] for the first time and it’s so different from working with Jon [Cryer].

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