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It also could have been the odd voyeuristic appeal of the whole missed connections section, putting those private and vulnerable declarations of affection into a ruthlessly public, yet anonymous, context.

Finally, I suspect it was also rooted in my old psych grad school mentality, making the promise of a large data set, untainted by the specter of observer effects, too tempting to ignore.

Not that any of this has stopped me from posting missed connections myself.

I can’t recall what I wrote, but after some virtual digging I found the subject lines of my posts buried years deep within my inbox: That there exists a digital town square where lonely hearts can declare their feelings without fear of public rejection is both lucky and improbable, but the hit rate, by all accounts, is low.

Each successive romantic relationship is a failure until it isn’t, and the lousy odds of forging a real connection don’t have much impact on our inborn optimism.

It may have been my own failures to connect that spurred me to take a closer look at the habits and behaviors of other posters.

I also selected to be contacted via text only, but my posts give to option for users to call me, which I don’t like at all.

I have to do specific keyword search to find them, and even then it’s a 50/50 chance of my posts ever showing up.

Most likely my new posts won’t get that much exposure with this app, not sure if I’ll continue using it.

I’ve yet to hear any firsthand stories of missed connections that have resulted in anything more than a date or two before the romance petered out.

Still, if it seems strange that a quirky section of a website that prides itself on an aggressively dial-up-era design has gained such traction in popular culture — all in spite of the scarce likelihood of finding love — look no further than the motivations of gold miners or oil prospectors.

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