Cultural dating archaeology

His recent work includes the analysis of military food supply systems and diet at Brimstone Hill and the analysis of provisioned and non-provisioned foods at Poplar Forest, an antebellum plantation in Central Virginia.

He teaches courses in principles of zooarchaeology and laboratory studies in zooarchaeology.

Much of her research addresses the development and maturation of racialized slavery during and immediately following the era of the transatlantic slave trade as materialized in landscapes, architecture, and portable consumer goods.She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in historical archaeology, historic material culture, the archaeology of the African diaspora, the archaeology of the historic Chesapeake and Upland South, and current trends in historical archaeology.Heath and Schroedl are collaborating with and international team of scholars as well as scientists at the Missouri Research Reactor to conduct instrumental neutron activation analysis of historic West Indian pottery.The focus cultivates important links with faculty and students in other departments and research units of the University, including Geography and History, the Archaeology Research Laboratory, and the Mc Clung Museum.This research focus provides faculty and students with a collaborative setting for scholarly research, cultural resource management, and public outreach.

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