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As a result, you will see some 1990 guitars bearing N9 serial numbers Year 2000 introduced the "Z" prefix serial numbers on US made guitars, which stood for the 0 of the new millennium.A Z0 prefix dates to 2000, a Z1 prefix dates to 2001 etcetera.These stamps can be found in differentlocations on your guitar, so now I'll tell you where you need to look to find these markings... acronym for "Japan Vintage" On these guitars you will find the letters "JV" stamped/engraved into the neck plate of the Stratocasters and bass guitars and on the bridges of the Telecasters and other guitar models.There will be 5 numbers also engraved after the "JV" lettering.So, obviously a neck date, while being helpful in providing a date range of production, cannot be a definitive reference.

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All Fender JV models had the serial numbers engraved into either the neck plate or bridge.The neck date simply refers to the date that the neck was produced.Given the modular nature of Fender's production techniques, a neck may have been produced in one year, placed in a warehouse and remained in stock for a period of time, and then subsequently paired with a body to create a complete guitar in the following year.There is quite a bit of overlap of both numbers and years.The following charts detail the most common Fender serial number schemes used from 1976 to the present.

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