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Hard shell case and 2 year Hofner factory warranty. It's an opaque orange that will surely be noticed from across the room.

Their Gold-Label designation is reserved for the cream of the crop and limited run pieces that really are the best examples of the brand.

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Dating the year Gretsch made a guitar; Dating Guild Guitars; Dating your Hofner Bass . Dating Hofner 6 String Guitars OTHER'S HOFNER INFORMATION SITES Old Hofner catalogue Scans. Well-built and great-sounding, Hofner's guitars and basses live up to their reputation with ease. User review from Anonymous about Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor : Compressor quality. User review from Hieroglyph about Hofner Guitars 457 : Vintage 'modern' Hofner. OTHER MAKES vintage guitars by Kay, D'Angelico, Stromberg during their classic eras.

vintage hofner bass guitars Bass Club Chicago has a vintage 1967 Hofner Beatle Bass up for grabs.

We're not one of those super stores, you will find we're easy to work with and knowledgeable about Hofner. Contact us by calling our shop at 773.878.8616 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Hofner has a large number of standard basses and guitars as well as limited edition instruments.

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