Dating a marine with ptsd

Remember that the results of the examination will not be kept confidential.Do not volunteer any information about crimes you may have committed, drug use, or homosexual conduct, all of which can be used to subject you to a court-martial and dishonorable discharge.These guidelines specifically state that your lack of prior treatment should not be used against you and acknowledge that many service members do not seek treatment for PTSD for fear of harming their careers.Do not provide any information to a military doctor that can be used against you.If you have developed PTSD as a consequence of military sexual trauma (MST), please consider reporting the sexual assault or harassment and seeking medical treatment for it.

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If you believe you are suffering from PTSD, request a medical examination.Despite some changes in VA regulations, it can still be quite challenging to obtain benefits due to MST.The stigma against reporting these sexual assaults is significant, yet creating a paper trail can help you if you receive a negative discharge and need to seek an upgrade.(Keep copies of all documents relating to the MST and other evidence, don't wait and request them later as they may go "missing.") This is important because, unfortunately, those on active duty who report sexual assaults may receive a dishonorable discharge, be released on a disqualifying disability discharge (for example, a personality disorder, which is not eligible for disability compensation), or receive other retaliation.The Ruth Moore Act of 2013 currently before Congress would make it much easier to obtain benefits by requiring only a statement from the survivor of the sexual violence that it had occurred and eliminating the need for corroborating evidence.

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