Dating a pices man

He floats through life without a care, and sometimes gets caught up in a current of feelings, but he typically navigates the world in a simple, slow-moving manner.

He’s very in-tune with the underflowing emotional energy wherever he is, and rapidly swims upstream when he feels threatened or overwhelmed, which is a life-saver when it comes to disagreements.

He’s impossible to pin down and slips right through your fingers if you try to grab a hold of him.

Emotional boundaries are hard to set and enforce with him because his need for space, intimacy, affection, or alone time all shift and change in tandem with his ever-morphing mood.

His emotions rule his life so heavily that you can rule out using logic, reason, or rationale to get in touch with him.So when you’re having an off day, he knows it and immediately swoops in to cheer you up.His sign is also ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and generosity, explaining his enormous range of emotions as well as his natural ability to provide care and support for others.I hope that this week finds you doing well and enjoying some well deserved moments of joy, peace, and abundance. read more Understanding Virgo Individuals Practical, generous, and curious, Virgo finds its home in the sixth house of the western zodiac.Virgos begin their cycle on August 23 and bring us right into autumn, ending ...

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