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This means meeting Swiss women and men at bars or through friends is still prevalent in the Swiss dating scene.

Friendships, in particular, play an important role, where many Swiss women and men feel more comfortable starting small and ‘seeing where things go’.

While online dating is present in Switzerland, it’s not perhaps as widely talked about as in some other countries and not necessarily considered a serious way to form relationships.

Reports that Swiss women are demanding and unapproachable may be common complaints on forums, but most agree that with time Swiss women have no problems opening up and make intellectual conversation partners.

Swiss women are relatively independent their lives and daily tasks and weeks might pass between dates, although this shouldn’t been taken as a sign of disinterest.

In the cities it is typically easier for expats to meet Swiss women and men, where English is more widely spoken and more events take place.

Some say that the Swiss are open to dating foreigners, relying on the ‘exotic’ factor, although it doesn’t mean they are necessarily forthcoming.

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