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Check this out some good reading & ask all the questions you want -- Pat - Worker of Wood, Collector of Tools, Father of one Those are paring chisels.I have a few vintage Buck Broscrank neck paring chisels.I also got a nice Stanley Sweetheart smoothing plane that I would like to restore at some point as well.Anyways, I also just recently got a lathe and wanted to turn some new handles for the whole set of chisels.Buck Brothers formed early in 2005 via a chance meeting at the unlikely location of a Buddhist Disco in a North London.

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Anyway, the old ones have a nice geometry for fineparing cuts and are somewhat collectible.2010 saw the release of their long-awaited second album "We Are Merely Filters" gaining a new fan along the way in the name of Marky Ramone after playing the band's track "All I Want To Do" on his national (USA) Sirius FM radio show "Punk Rock Blitzkrieg".Due to conflicts with companies in the US regarding the band's name and numerous line up changes over the years, 2011 saw the group change their title to Top Buzzer.The band performed 28 gigs in 10.5 hours, beating the previous world record (held by Hamburg band Kansas) by two shows.(Buck Brothers' successful Guinness Book of World Records claim number is 185503).

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