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Rochel Goldbaum is a highly sought-after international speaker who has taught in the Jewish community for over 20 years.

Her effervescent joy and engaging style has drawn many to her classes and lectures focusing on topics of parenting, self development, marital harmony and intimacy in the Jewish home.

After Hastings's departure from the show, Logan continued to broadcast during the same time period with other radio personalities.

In 1975, he was selected by The Sporting News as an All-American.

Logan is one of only three players, along with Dave Winfield and Mickey Mc Carty, to be drafted by the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

Logan instead chose to attend the University of Colorado where he lettered in both basketball and football.

Kathy Kaufman has worked in a wide variety of administrative management positions in the Denver Jewish community for the past 15 years.

Her current position is being an administrative assistant for Rochel Goldbaum Consulting where she books teaching events and travel for Rochel and assists clients with private coaching bookings with her.

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