Dating customs during the victorian age

No impure conversations were held in front of single women. Innocence was demanded by men from girls in his class, and most especially from his future wife.Intelligence was not encouraged, nor was any interest in politics.Books were sold containing verse to copy into customized cards for those not poetically inclined. Never fixes her appearance (hair or make-up) in public. Never holds private conversations in public gatherings. Always looks for ways to better herself; spiritually, physically and intellectually.A Lady Never tolerates or performs rudeness, crudeness, indifference or ignorance from or to another human being. Remembers; to discuss the price of anything is never in good taste. Thinks before she speaks, once said, never forgotten.It is considered chivalrous to open a door for a lady if he happens to be in reasonable proximity.Should never remove his coat while standing, sitting, riding, or walking with a lady.Another family member had to be present in the room.

A woman was never to go anywhere alone with a gentleman without her mother's permission.

Ladies shall never embrace and kiss when they meet in a public place.

Has at least one reference manual regarding etiquette protocol.

To gatherings, young women were chaperoned, usually by their mothers or some other married woman, to ensure nothing 'improper' occurred.

Various books dictated proper etiquette; Godey's Lady's Book and Mrs.

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