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In this memoir of “dating misadventures,” she introduces us to Staggering Stu, not so much a date as a drunken mishap, and The Marauder, who stole her CD player and all the money from her wallet.

We also meet Kurt, who could marry her if she got a boob job and dropped 20 pounds!

On the rebound from a broken heart and facing her thirtieth birthday with no marriage prospects in sight, Mc Laughlin resolved to get a life (G. Then there was the polite, respectful, and devoted suitor whose notion of a strong relationship boiled down to a demand for the complete merger of identities. Right-Now ended relatively well, with Mc Laughlin triumphantly out-gaming the gamer, but the Marauder not only took a piece of her heart in his quick getaway, he also took a stack of CDs, her portable disc player, and a hundred dollars from her wallet. She meets men in the usual places: at work, nightclubs, and community and church events, and through "fix-ups." But while Mc Laughlin wants to meet the right guy and has the ability to attract many men, she doesn't suffer fools gladly.

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There are some good men in the author's life, though.Fortunately, also, she has a handful of good friends. “Finding Prince Charming can mean kissing a lot of toads—not to mention some wicked cold sores.” It can also mean a lot of good stories.A wickedly funny and wryly wise view of life on the dating scene, filled with encounters that will resonate with every woman whose search for Prince Charming is more comedy than fairy tale. One is her platonic buddy, Max; the other is her 60-year-old, thrice-married uncle, who tells her, "Folks can pretend usually for about three to six months and then the truth is gonna show up. You can choose to do things differently but your core is going to remain the same." Although Mc Laughlin's prose doesn't rise above average, her depictions of conversations with men ring true. (On sale July 1) Forecast: The market swarms with tales written by Carrie Bradshaw-type yuppies, but isn't yet packed with books written by their black counterparts.

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