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Lallab, a Muslim feminist organization in France, has been raking in national awards and media attention since its creation by two young students in 2016.

(Lallab later issued a statement declaring itself pro-choice as an organization, notwithstanding the positions of some of its members on the issue.)Within days, Lallab’s online posting had been removed, although Civic Service Organization president Yannick Blanc told me it was taken down pending review for “administrative reasons,” not ideological ones.

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When asked about its rationale, Planned Parenthood’s national coordinator Victoria Noseda stressed that the statement was not an endorsement of Lallab or its members, but rather a show of solidarity for a feminist organization.What investigators found on his mobile phone painted a much different picture as they discovered references in the encrypted messaging app Telegram to a “project” he told others he had to be “discreet” about.They also discovered around 7,000 images of Islamic State atrocities.One of the 20 or so young men contacted by AB spoke to investigators saying that the Pakistani had used a picture of a blond caucasian male on his profile and had called him offering oral sex while speaking in a thick accent.The young man hung up the phone and called police after suspecting the man may be trying to lure him after trying to find out his address.

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