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Little girls not only look at each others bits, some will, from time to time, be naked with their friends, and even try out kissing. For me, none of it was arousing (not like my sweet, sweet pillow boyfriend), but it was interesting and certainly informative, which is another facet of little girls interacting with their sexualities.It doesn't mean they're lesbians or not lesbians or molesters or freaks. Sexual discovery is part a natural and insatiable curiosity, but too often it's stifled by society's backwards ideas about what a girl should be and how she should be it.Acting out sex with other props is art of a normal process not only for sexual discovery but for children interacting with the complex notions swirling around them on a daily basis.I used to huddle with my girlfriends in the library and we'd read passages from the "naughty" parts of YA novels or look at pictures of genitals in medical books.Little girls get sexually aroused too, but unlike men, who are able to tell stories of boners and masturbation publicly and with impunity, being a horny little girl is a dark and nasty secret that women have to carry around.If my Barbie could talk, she'd have some stories to tell.If I had a penny for all of the sexual organs I looked at as a child, I'd be rich.

"Boyfriends" would begin with a "movie date" where we would pretend to go on a double date to the movies with our pillow boyfriends.So here are 6 things little girls do when they're discovering their sexuality that no one talks about (but probably should).Vaginas, as we know, are very neatly tucked inside a woman, for the most part.Children often do not identify these things sexually, or have a sexual intent when exploring themselves and others.The intense and hateful puritanism that Lena Dunham has become victim of simply because she was curious about vaginas, and as an innocent child, no less, is disgusting.

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