Dating industrial complex

But in our time, the rise of global violence is a right wing phenomenon, exclusively.

There are the second-rate “intellectuals”, the fine young men of the extreme right, the blonde young women, and so on — vying for fame and celebrity themselves.“Fact-based” theory after theory comes from the “intellectual” end of the hate-industrial complex — but they boil down to the same three things fascists have always loved to espouse. Two, some races are superior, inherently (in ways, of course, that such “intellectuals” define).

Which show no interest whatsoever in being decent members of a civilized society.

So what reason do we have to let them go on being part of one?

You know that disturbing feeling when You Tube recommends you something horrific and grotesque?

When you log onto Twitter and one of the “top tweets” is something as insane as it is violent?

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