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You’ll get credit for it.” But if you blame failed technology, time crunches, or the errors of your colleagues when things go awry and you’re to blame, you’re expendable. If you are the worker who never presents an original thought at work, or you take credit for others’ accomplishments, you’re likely to find yourself out the door.

“One guy stole commissions from co-workers when everyone was out on Christmas break,” said Merrell at Elite Network.

“If they’re dissatisfied with you and then they find out that you lied, that’s an easy ticket for them,” said Cohen.

“If you want to get fired, repeatedly call in sick on Mondays,” said Randy Merrell, vice president of operations at Elite Network, a San Francisco-based search firm. Hangovers are no excuse.” The same goes for vacation days, said Cohen.

Ditching the company for a few days of sun and surf in the middle of a busy season reflects poorly on your dedication to the well-being of the business.

Even if you weren’t involved, you don’t want your name associated with those of the usual suspects.

“Even if you’re not a non-performer or a complainer yourself, if you’re associated with them, people will start thinking of you in that way,” said Farley of Farley Training. The truth will come out — and you’ll get a lot of negative attention if you’re forced to admit you tried to cover up.

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